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Information for Parents

Important Dates - Recreation

For a complete listing of all dates download the Season calendar posted under Resources to the right.

  • June - Fall Registration begins
  • August - Fall Registration closes
  • September - Super Soccer Saturday at Hanna Park
  • September - Practices begin
  • September - Games begin
  • November - Spring Registration begins
  • January - Spring Registration closes
  • February - Practices begin
  • March - Games begin


Click here then log in to your Blue Sombrero account to view your team page

All new players will receive a jersey and socks, distributed by the head coaches.  Returning players from the fall season will use their jersey and socks from the spring season. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Recreation Chair.

Have a great season!

Registering While Living in South Carolina

If you live in South Carolina and need to register:

  • Go to click on “about SCYSA” then click SCYSA forms.
  • Go down the page to “registrar Forms”
  • Click on the “Interstate USYSA Region III Permission Form.
  • Print it, complete it, sign it, and mail with $10 check to:
  • Nancy Shultz
  • 6558 Seewee Road
  • Awendaw, SC 29429
  • 843-928-3677 (FAX & PHONE)



Parental Behavior

During the game parents should:

• Cheer for all members of the team, not just their own child.

• Allow the coaches to coach – do not shout instructions to the players.

• Do not yell at members of the opposing team.

• Do not yell at the opposing coach.

• Do not yell at the referee.

• Stay off the field of play.

• Keep two yards off the touchline


Code of conduct

The Code of Conduct and Penalty Guidelines are to be read to and understood by all coaches, assistant coaches, managers, players and parents of each NCYSA registered team. All coaches and managers are instructed to review this material with their players and parents. Players added to teams after these dates, will be required to read the document at the time of their carding or registration.


The North Carolina Youth Soccer Association supports youth soccer activity that is governed by a strong sense of individual and team sportsmanship.

This Code of Conduct and Penalty Guidelines has been prepared as a guide to the principles and expectations of NCYSA and is intended to apply to everybody involved in NCYSA activities regardless of their role or affiliation. Adherence to the spirit as well as the letter of the Code is required.

Persons unwilling to abide by this Code should reconsider their involvement in NCYSA activities.


  1. NCYSA believes in the principles of fair play, ethical behavior and the right of every individual to fully enjoy the sport of soccer without undue interference from others.

  1. NCYSA recognizes that participation in competitive activities is a source of strong feelings which will often lead to misunderstandings, disagreements and other conflicts. However, NCYSA also believes that every participant has a duty to respect the right of competitors to hold conflicting views.

  1. NCYSA therefore expects its coaches, players, referees and spectators, as well as their friends and families to deal with conflicts in a spirit of good sportsmanship and to cooperate in promoting the enjoyment of soccer to the greatest extent possible.

  1. NCYSA expects adherence to both the spirit and the letter of its Rules and the Laws of the Game. Illegal, unfair, rowdy, violent, dangerous and unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated, whether on the field of play or away from the playing area.

  1. NCYSA expects all participants to show respect for opponents, regardless of their skill.

Since NCYSA activities usually involve children from a very young age and since children are influenced by the behavior of adults, adult participants will be held to the very highest standards of conduct.

As passed by Board of Directors - 11/8/93 November, 2008 4


  1. Vulgarity by coaches, players or spectators directed towards anyone.

  1. Harassment of referees, coaches or players by anyone.

  1. Debasement of referees, coaches or players by anyone.

  1. Physical violence or threat of violence directed toward anyone or encouraged by anyone.

  1. Verbal or physical assault on a referee. Physical assault is defined as any physical contact initiated by a player, coach, team official, spectator, elected officer or appointed official.

  1. Consumption of alcoholic beverages in and around the playing area before, during or after a youth match.

  1. Use of illegal drugs under any circumstance.


  1. NCYSA expects coaches, referees and spectators to conform to the spirit and intent of applicable rules at all times.


  1. Coaches are responsible for their own conduct as well as the conduct of their assistant coaches, players and spectators.


The behavior of the coach is the most important guide for player and spectator behavior. The coach can exert strong player and spectator control by the example he/she sets, and by a few words of caution directed to the appropriate place when necessary.


Spectator Unsportsmanlike Behavior Policy

Parents and Spectators,

We would like to inform our spectators of the escalation steps and the consequences of spectator unsportsmanlike conduct. 

Unsportsmanlike conduct includes but is not limited to actions such as yelling at the referees, taunting opposing players and coaches, obscene gestures, the use of foul language, and so forth.

GCCSA is a member of the North Carolina Youth Soccer Association (NCYSA) and we are required to follow the state mandated guidelines in regards to spectator unsportsmanlike behavior. 

  1. The first step is the referee will stop the game and warn the spectators to stop the unsportsmanlike behavior.
  2. If the behavior continues, the referee will eject the spectator from the field and will ask the spectator to wait in the parking lot or leave the field all together.
  3. If the spectator refuses to leave then NCYSA directs that the club call the police to remove the spectator from the field.  This then becomes a legal matter that the spectator will need to deal with.
  4. Parents and spectators who demonstrate repeated issues regarding their behavior will not be allowed to watch games at the field.

Obviously we do not need or desire to involve the police in a soccer match, so please respect the referees, the players and coaches, and exhibit sportsmanlike behavior.

We would also like to remind everyone that some of the referees are young adults and are trying to build experience in the sport.  Your actions can have a direct impact on these young people and we know from NCYSA statistics that many young people give up refereeing as a result of these adult/young adult confrontations.

We are trying to set a positive example for our children.  Parents and spectators who cannot refrain from these behaviors will be asked to leave immediately.

We are all ambassadors for GCCSA and our actions reflect on the club as a whole.  Thank you for your cooperation. 


Parent Resources

For inclement weather, please check our Facebook page for information about delays or cancellations.

Feedback Form

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